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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Slimming Down

My running the last couple of days has been unremarkable, to say the least. I'm blaming it on a combination of dreary weather and holiday booze and food consumption.

My intent was to get out yesterday for this week's 16 mile run. I didn't sleep well Thursday night and it was only about 30 degrees Friday morning, nothing really motivating me to get out. Doing the long run, alone is hard enough but when the weather wouldn't cooperate I knew it wasn't going to happen. I finally headed out around 5 for a slow, 5 miles...I even walked some of it.

I was able to convince one of the Grant Park Boys to run Saturday morning. I knew no one would run 16 but James agreed to 7. I figured it would at least get me out of the house. My plan was to leave at 7, run about 3 miles, meet James, then run what ever balance was left. Well I was running late, so I only got 2 in before meeting up. After the run, I was helping James with his new GPS when his lovely wife came out and offered me coffee. I didn't stay long, but I sat still long enough to get a chill. I managed to round it out to almost 13 but man it was tough.

I was chilled to the bone by the time I got home. I took a hot shower, more coffee, cuddled with Nibbles on the couch...nothing was working. I knew heading out to hash was out of the question. Last thing I need to get sick.

The rest of my day consisted of a quick doze on the couch, a trip to the pet store for dog food and a new sweater for Nibbles and I popped into Trader's to grab a birthday card for tomorrow's party. Now I'm listening to the Colts game and keeping my fingers crossed.

Nibbles new sweater

One somewhat constructive idea came from the past two days of running. So in an attempt to slim down, both myself and my budget I know present my January goals.

1) No drinking during the week
2) No purchases from Amazon or REI

Neither should be too difficult. Tom not drinking this month should be a big help for me to not drink so me. I always have such a great time with him but MAN, can the two of us do some damage.

Friday, January 2, 2009

So how did you do?

I've been wide awake since 3:30 am. It sucks but when I drink for extended periods of time it really fucks up my sleep patterns. I have the day off today, so it wouldn't be so bad but I need to run 16 miles at some point today and I was hoping to be well rested for it.

While bored and awake I started browsing past post and found my resolution list for 2008

1) Don't take things so personally, if someone is acting like an ass it isn't my fault, they are just an ass
2) Lose 13 pounds
3) Find a new job that I enjoy
4) Run at least 2 half marathons this year
5) Keep up with the house cleaning
6) Pay off my last credit card
7) Finish one project around the house

So I did I do? Well

1) this one is hard to measure but I think over all my attitude is greatly improved from last year
2) Done and then some
3) Got the new job
4) Ran 3 half marathons and a 12 miler, plus set several PRs
5) ehh, who's to say, I think Roomba will help
6) fail! Extensive vet bills and several fitness related purchase prevented me from pay this off, I did pay it down and didn't accumulate any new debt.
7) Yes, I got the front fence rebuilt

So I would say I'm at least 5 for 7, not too bad.

How did you do?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It is that time of year again, to reflect on the past year, both the good and the bad and set goals for the new year.

All in all, 2008 was a pretty good year I would put it up there as one of the best in a very long time.

Somewhat stolen from ITP:

I'll get the Bad out of the way first.

The Dogs

The worst part of 2008 was the passing of sweet, old Ruben. I got Ruben after a break up several years ago, he was a shy, skinny, shell of a dog when I got him but turned into a great companion. Ruben didn't have an enemy in this world, he never met a stranger and he never caused me a moments trouble. He was diagnosed with cancer, out lived the prognosis by months but on May 20, 2008 it was time to say goodbye to a dear friend...I miss him still and I'm crying right now thinking about him.

It has been a rough year with Toby. He has some pretty serious health issues we are dealing with and I almost lost him too.

My Friends

A good friend of mine moved away at the end of 2008, I will miss her and her family but I know the move to a new place will be best for all of them.

My Relationships

Two failed relationships and the final blow to a relationship that needed to end (that may also go in the Good column).

I'm not too scarred from either break-up. I look back at the first one and realize what a bullet I dodged. The second one, that is a little tougher. He is a very good man, treated me well but the differences were just too great and the ability to reach compromises just wasn't there. I wish things had ended differently but I know in my heart the relationship needed to end.

Now for the Good, my favorite part

The Dogs

I mentioned before I almost lost Toby in 2008, the good news is I didn't!! He's still with us, I don't know for how much longer but we will enjoy every day we have together.

2008 will be remembered as the year of the Nibbler (aka Nibbles, Midget, Nipple and Taco Bell)!! She is such a cute, spunky little thing...she makes me laugh everyday. Nibbles isn't the dog I had in mind but it works and I'm glad we found each other. I'll give her, her own entry soon.

My Friends

I have them, they are happy, healthy and have been there for me this past year, thanks guys, you all know who you are! What more could I ask for?

My Relationships

2008 was a pretty drama free year, with the exception of Super Bowl Sunday. The year started with a 'leftover boy' from 2007. He was okay, he lived in the 'hood, he could be fun...but not the one for me. The break-up was quick, easy and pain free.

Shortly after S and I broke-up and old 'flame' reignited. We had a good six or seven months. We traveled, he got me into road cycling, always treated me well, we did a lot of things I had not had in past relationships. In the end we were just too different and had very different ideas of the 'perfect' relationship.

I'm currently seeing someone, it is going well but early in the relationship. I like him, he's a lot like me, as far as I can tell. A bit of a jock, easy to get along with, very sweet, thoughtful and supportive...hopefully he will be in the Good column next year.

Probably the biggest step I made in 2008 was beginning to forgive someone who did me wrong...I will never be friends with this person but I've let go of a lot of anger (i.e. I can be in the same room with him and not want to jab an ice pick into his skull) and I'm the better for it.

My Job

I switched jobs early in 2008. It was a lateral move but I get to focus more on what interests me, I work with a great group of folks and I can see myself being there for awhile. I've been getting really good reviews, offered the opportunity to advance my skills and my contract has been renewed for another year.


This is where the real "magic" happened in 2008.

Since my breakup in early 2007 I had been losing weight. Initially, it was the 'break-up diet' of red wine and luna bars. I started running in 2007 but got much more serious in 2008.

In 2008 I completed five months of operation bootcamp, ran three half marathons, set PR for a 5K, 10K and half marathon, completed Mystery Mountain 12 miles, rode the Roswell Mayor's Ride, Cartersville and Wilson and began training for my first marathon.

Between running, biking and boot camp, I lost more weight and toned up. I went from a size 10/12 to a 4/6...not to say I haven't had issues with that but I'm working them out.

I also got my beach trip, finally! Spent a nice long weekend in Puerto Rico. It was wonderful.

Emotionally I much happier and calmer than I have ever been in my life. I'm learning to just let things go, I don't need to be in control at all times, I've let go of many of the responsibilities I put on myself and I'm spending at least as much time taking care of me as other folks. Heck, I'm even letting people take care of me from time to time.

For 2009

So what's next? I've been thinking a lot about my goals for this year, trying to be both realistic and specific so here we go...

1) get to 120 pounds, this means losing another 8 pounds or so, I will continue with what has been working for the past year, exercise and eating right.
2) compete first full marathon in under four hours. Currently scheduled to run ING in March.
3) save money/payoff the last credit card balance. I will do this by putting a $500 payment into the budget. Once the card is paid off, that money will go into savings.
4) back up my photos and music, will probably need a little help with this one.
5) take at least one work related class/course
6) keep saying no

Thank you to everyone that has been there for me this past year, I think 2009 is going to be even better!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My tour of duty is complete

I just finished my fifth month of bootcamp. YEAH ME!!!

I was looking at some old posts today, it wasn't until then I realized how much progress I have made in the last six months.

6 months ago Today
Run 1 mile 8:14 7:32
Push-ups 20 42
Sit-ups 8 36
Dips 20 45
Weight 141lb 129lb
% body fat 36% 30%
Waist 35in 31in
Hips 40in 36in

I've had a lot of encouragement and support over the last 6 months, from instructors, follow bootcamper and my good friends, thank you all!!!

I won't be attending bootcamp next month, I think a I need a little break and I'm going to use the money I'm saving to buy some new clothes, since none of my old ones fit anymore.

What's next??

Well I'm signed up for Mystery Mountain, a 12 mile trail run, the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving (hoping for a sub-2 hour time) and just for fun, the Romp and Stomp 5K.

Long term goals include a full marathon and a triathlon for 2009!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sutset in Bethel

I was having a hard time turning of the lights and going to bed last night, at one point I saw it was 11:30 and I figured I might as well stay up and watch the sunset. It was totally worth it.

It was pink and blue and orange...pretty amazing to see. I couldn't get the perfect view because the ONE tree here in Bethel was blocking my view from the porch. I ventured out into the yard but was attacked my the giant, local mosquitoes. If it isn't raining you have to deal with these blood thirsty critters.

Today will be another slow work day for me. My colleagues are pouring over medical charts so there is little for me to do in the way of data checks/quality. I've been working on my programs for the end of the week, I need to remove all the dates (protocol states we can not take these back to Atlanta) and merge all the datasets. I've also just been documenting my programs, trying to think back to what we did over the last 10 days. So mostly busy work.

I left early yesterday and meandered home from the hospital. I walked about 5 miles yesterday and I'm hoping for at least that much today. I stopped off at the local art gallery, it was finally open. Not much in the way of native crafts, mostly photos. There were a couple of things that caught my eye, I may have to go back for something.

I stopped of at the Yukon Kuskokwim Wildlife Refuge yesterday, I was disappointed. It was one room filled with mostly dead, stuffed animals. The 'bookstore' was closed (it was a closet with some postcards) and there was nothing else to see. You need a plane to see most of the wildlife, there are birds around Bethel but little else.

Today I will try to check out the boat harbor, Moravian bookstore (for more local crafts) and the local cultural center (if it is open). Posted business hours seem to be more of a suggestion that a hard and fast rule around here. I assume it is because this is fishing season, most of the local still depend on fishing and hunting to supplement their diet. Most head out down the river to fish camps for up to a month at a time, to fish and process the food for the coming year. I guess when the weather is nice they have to take full advantage of it.

Well off to breakfast and getting my day started.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Please don’t take my sunshine away

Too late, the sun has left Bethel and the rain and wind have returned.

There really isn’t much to write about, I get up, try to go for a run, if the weather isn’t too bad, take a shower and head to the hospital for a ten hour day of work. The last two days it has been nice enough that we could walk home. The walk isn’t real enjoyable since I’m schlepping a lap top and all my other work stuff with me but it does kill some time.

We made an attempt at culture last night. The local ‘art gallery’ is on the way from the hospital to the B&B, I guess the nice weather made everyone want to play hooky so the gallery and Moravian bookstore next door were both closed.

Last night we stayed in and made dinner, we where going to watch “Brokeback Mountain” but the owner of the B&B has all the R-rated movies blocked…so it was Freaky Friday instead. I chose to head to my room to read and play on-line.

I’m beginning to get a little home sick, the weekend is over, my friends at home went to the pool, hashing, drinking in the Village, celebrated birthdays and I’ve been working and bored. I’m trying not to count down the days just yet but in less than 5 days I will be heading back to the ATL.

I will see you all very soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Sun Only Shines on Bethel

Until today. Day 4 here in Bethel and I finally got to see the sun.

I'm finally adjusting to Bethel time...I woke up at 6 this morning, not my usual 4. I went out for a quick run, since we had to be at the hospital earlier than usual today. The first thing I noticed when I got outside was how quite it wasn't raining and the wind wasn't blowing, I glanced off to the east and saw a sliver of sunlight. I had high hopes for the day. Of course everyday I think I'm going to walk past a window and see nothing but bright blue it happened!

My excitement was somewhat short lived when I realized, I was working and probably would be until well past 6, like everyday this week. Rumor had it that today's work was to be especially challenging. Crap, I was worried this would be my only chance to check things out and enjoy some reasonably good weather.

Well somehow, some way, the issue that caused so much distress on the last visit was resolved very quickly (and I get bonus points from co-workers, even though I don't know what I did to fix it). I started to do some Saturday work, hoping the good weather would remain and I could enjoy it tomorrow. Instead we got the go ahead to leave early today, by early we ONLY put in an eight hour day.

It was so nice out, around 60, sunny, just a touch of a breeze. We all agreed we should walk home. Bethel is small enough to walk pretty much everywhere. So we made a stop at the local 'Wal-mart type' store (I have to go back and pick up some winter gear, it was the only cheap thing there) for more provision for the house, then stopped by Demetre's for a dinner of pizza and salad and walked back to the White House. It was still early, only about 6:30 so we made a plan to take a walk down to the river.

On the way home from dinner we where attacked my mosquitoes, Shin wasn't prepared to go back out. Lucy and I were on our own.

The river was nice, it's been so long since I've been near water, we saw a water plane take off and you could smell the ocean (Bethel is only about 40 miles from the sea). We got rained on but it was a very pleasant adventure. I hope I can head back for more exploring tomorrow. I wish I could post some pictures.

It looks like the weather is going to hold through tomorrow and it looks like I am going to have a short day. I'm planning on checking out the local market and more exploring of the river and other off the road places.

It's after 9 and I still have 3 more hours of day light. I would really like to stay up once to see the sun 'set'.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the sticker shock at the grocery store.